My Treasure

You are my treasure

My unproclaimed pearl clasped tight

At the bottom of the sea

Kept hidden inside a dark shell

Glittering bright like a grasped dream.


If I dive deep enough and hold my breath

Patient and strong going bravely against

Sea walls crushing on my deepest desire

To grab you

Against the burning fire.


To catch a breath, to take a rest

But every treasure always presents this test

To give up when the ocean collapse

Or to lift the ocean till the sky unwraps

Your hands holding that little pearl


My glittering treasure

Worth every effort,

You are worth my entire world.



Naked Love

Baby, the grace of your soft skin that floats past the tip of my cheek

The sharp strength of my fingers that dig deep into your chest

My thoughts tremble with my lips that soften and become weak

As I lie submissive to the powerful desire to rest


I feel that my days wash by with tide of my duties

Entwining with you, I reclaim that strength to progress

Away from what I am told, or expected to be

With you, I can tear down those walls and confidently undress


Electricity flows as the mental challenges arise

Your words both pain and warm me in the worst of my storms

Every stimulation you enthrall on me always appears as a surprise

Prick and strengthens me like a rose and a thorn


Love, I want us to come together when the world says no

Different worlds, I don’t care for the indifference that is told

I don’t need an act to put on a show

You have my heart, the tickets are already all sold.

White Influence

Entitlement seems to be an unused word

In a Caucasian man’s world

And what is even more absurd

Is that is not unheard

For them to kill nations of mockingbirds.


That doesn’t make every Caucasian wrong

They can be enlightened, belong

Below the egotistical clouds where they become strong

Among the colored people’s continuous song

March together with the oppressed to get along


Create unison within the people whose voice is being held

Culture appropriation

Admitting to discrimination

Are thoughts thats should not be expelled


Don’t let history repeat

Put your hand on your heartbeat


Feel compassion for the people with no seat

Reach out

Lift yourself up to

Together preach


Sisters and brothers, black, brown, yellow hands out

If white man’s grasp is tight

Loyalty to equality is devout.

The Mission

Loneliness for me does not appear from lack of people in my life

Or believing no man wants me to be their wife

It rumbles deeper in the pits of passion in my soul

Thirst for salvation

Hunger for redemption

The unapologetic reason for my being to be whole.

Clasping knowledge out of my reach

Gaining the remarkable power of speech

To get up, stand up for something bigger than me

A prisoner of mind, it is the pathway to be free

By devoting myself to find world peace

Married to the earth, the people, honoring the deceased.

Loving yourself

Loving yourself

Is allowing the roots to grow strong
Sturdy into the soil
Feeding yourself the nutrients
The passion that flows through the veins
Making your blood boil

It’s reaching for the sky
Letting in the sunlight
Not being afraid to stretch out
Embracing when darkness arrives
But keeping your goals in sight

It’s flowering
Attracting good vibes
Blossoming and booming
Creating colours and aroumas
Entwining with other lives

Loving yourself is remembering
You are part of nature
As the sun rises and sets
Those daylight hours are not the only ways
To see the beauty ahead

When the darkeness creeps in
A whole world comes alive
Accepting the yin and yang
The cycle of good and bed
Learning no matter the condition

You can thrive
You can adapt
You can merge victorious

You are part of a world
That when conserved
Is glorious

So treasure yourself
Take care
Conserve your soul and body

Water yourself
Feed yourself
Help yourself grow

No matter the bends
Obstacles in your way

Just like a tree
From bottom to top
All life’s joys and worrries
Will be written to show
Your beautiful story.


Trust is created through truth. 

Therefore, telling the truth days and months later since it is revealed is living those days as a lie. 

Tell me, could you trust someone who hid the truth to you but was able to laugh,smile and cry

 with you? 

And are you yourself able to live with a façade 

while you see the ones you love reveal the cracks on their fragile faces that break everytime you put on your mask.

Earn trust, 

it is not hard. 

By just communicating, 

just one simple task.

And both your universes will no longer be full of falling stars.

Wishing upon the truth that always falls far

from reach.

Instead teach

each other to build together a bridge that connects a bond that fails to be unbroken.

Trust and truth working side by side.

The Eagle

Compassion is to release an eagle into the sky

Maybe not fully understanding why he flies

So majestically

Powerfully, peacefully

Guarding the sky

Instead, empathizing to why he sometimes cries.

His poignant regrets

Resonating through the air

Rippling across the water

As he crashes down from his kingdom

To meet the earth that bears

Welcomed by a foreign creature

Who received the message

Equipped to care

Inexperienced but inclined

Prepared to share.

Two different worlds

Entwined by the same beat of a heart

Mutual respect between two beings

A human and an eagle

A hand and a dart

Aimed at the goal

To destroy the boundary

Of differences that tear us apart.

Instead, hand and wings

Aim for the sky

Together, with compassion,

Both fly high into the sky.


It hurts so much
When the the person in 9 years
You open up to
Just like the days you were in primary school
Before the shame, cruel nature of little girls
Picking on a gentle soul
Who had naïve dreams from another world
Crushes your open heart into the mud
Till it bleeds into the soil
Telling mother nature the betrayal of my pure soul
How I yearned to take off my heavy armour
And the time I did after 9 years
My kindness was ripped like a little kid with candy
And now it has created a sweet mess
Of all my tears and sweat
All those times I cried when you ignored my poems
Or told me all things I did for you were nothing, everything of mine
I gave to you
Was never enough to satisfy you
I could never please you
My mind was emotionally abused
And when I realised what I nearly sacrificed
Two hard years of working towards the day
When those results were going to say
“Marina, we made it”
But that was nearly thrown away
By the fact you kept me as your emotional slave
Trapped from living my own life and loving myself
And now I hate myself
I felt numb
I don’t want to feel like this
I want to be able to not feel I have to be a bitch
To protect myself from this cruel society
The person I am today is because of hierarchies
Money, greed, selfishness and the need
To be above everyone else
Dog eat dog world, to give no help
But that is not me
I still want to give my heart
And I keep losing all my cards
Now I am in a position
When I want to give my heart again
Too scared though, natural instinct is to defend
My mind is conflicted
All I can feel is dispair
The love I can give, I wish I could see
So please
I beg you
Please don’t hurt me.

Free to Think

So you want to know my mind
An object that’s one of a kind
Making us the lost wally in the crowd
Or the number of bodies shot down
Its through your mind that you choose to be individual
Present yourself against the undermined criminals
That allow us to be lead as a flock by a blind shepherd
Who would flee if down the mountain came a preying leopard
So appreciate the choice that you are given
Because the more you conform, the truth will be hidden
As the mind is an intricate map
Coordinates your thoughts into a trap
That clasps forever onto the littlest details
And takes years to pop like bubble wrap
Only a moment would tie down the thoughts to the ground
Pushed down, mind first, forced to eat the crying sound
People who could not think
And for them I will endorse the drink
Tears and blood of wasteless labour
Allowing me to share the favour
Of letting you into my mind
That for other people, is an inevitable crime.


What is guaranteed?
Nothing indeed.

The love you think you have
Can disappear through your hands
Like lil grains of sand
Hard to catch
Once gone, hard to snatch back
And shape into something that has
Potential to build a land

Of certainty
A burgundy
Stream of purity

What is guaranteed?
Nothing but greed.

But smashed by the illusion
The mirage in the distance
The oasis which has no substance
But what you still yearn to harvest
Exploit the system
Grabbing the jewels that glisten
But neglectin the ones that already existent

The more the merrier
Heaps of treasure
A hungry terrier
Looking for pleasure.

What a sad world it really would be…