My Treasure

You are my treasure

My unproclaimed pearl clasped tight

At the bottom of the sea

Kept hidden inside a dark shell

Glittering bright like a grasped dream.


If I dive deep enough and hold my breath

Patient and strong going bravely against

Sea walls crushing on my deepest desire

To grab you

Against the burning fire.


To catch a breath, to take a rest

But every treasure always presents this test

To give up when the ocean collapse

Or to lift the ocean till the sky unwraps

Your hands holding that little pearl


My glittering treasure

Worth every effort,

You are worth my entire world.




Hope is one of the most powerful forces. It guides you to something which seemed unrealistic to achievable. It turns dreams into reality. It wins the war.

When the world feels like it’s crashing down, remember: Hope.

Hope is the engine in your car. Hope is the glasses to your deteriorating eyesight. Hope is the improvement on you school grades.

It is the reason why life is worth fighting for. Now matter how glum it looks, whenever there is a little spark of hope, the whole situation will light up a path for you to progress and continue on your journey no matter how much the darkness compels you.

Body Shapes

When I look on the internet al I see are these perfectly shaped bodies with no blemishes. Literally, no matter the body type (big or small) everything seems so symmetrical. Even when they are supposedly all natural and no make up THEY LOOK PERFECT.

Now let me tell you, in real life have I ever seen a perfect symmetrical no blemish person? No…haha. I have seen people close in terms of their make up or people who work out a lot etc but they are never fully blemish free. Either with a spot or two, stretch marks, and their own personal flair, I have never seen someone who looks like what the media portrays.

Now isn’t that crazy? That products are sold through the media’s portrayal of people and we are supposed to feel relatable to it? And because we want to look like that so bad we invest tons and tons of money into products to still look like that, although its kinda unachievable.

I wish we could see more NATURAL in the media, quit the photoshop and just embrace the differences in our bodies. Standards would be more achievable, self esteem will improve and generally the mental health of the population.


People are so quick to say that once you put your mind to anything you are able to accomplish whatever your heart desires. Yessss….partially true. But it is not like you can just put your mind to something and then BAM you are you are consistent. There are always so many obstacles and demons trying to stop you. From the small things such as SLEEP or SCHOOL or WORK to more complicated things such as self doubt or negative feedback.

The best advice I could give to overcome is take it DAY BY DAY. Seriously, it works. You can have a dream end goal which is your drive, but in terms of accomplishing things regularly, daily ACCOMPLISHABLE goals are what helps with motivation. I highlight that because I have many times been unrealistic and then felt let down when I tried to do the impossible. You can achieve the impossible, it just might not be how you imagined it and will not be over night or over a month or maybe over a year. Good things never come cheap and that is why everyday having little accomplishments will help ease the process and keep you motivated to continue to the better goal.

Do not give up but realise its OK to fall back and fail at times. As long as when you are ready you get back up again, you will not have lost but rather learned from the experience. Belief in yourself is most important. It is not about convincing people that you are achieving, its about being satisfied with your own achievements. Be brave, be strong, and be relentless. And trust me, one day your goals will become a reality.

Naked Love

Baby, the grace of your soft skin that floats past the tip of my cheek

The sharp strength of my fingers that dig deep into your chest

My thoughts tremble with my lips that soften and become weak

As I lie submissive to the powerful desire to rest


I feel that my days wash by with tide of my duties

Entwining with you, I reclaim that strength to progress

Away from what I am told, or expected to be

With you, I can tear down those walls and confidently undress


Electricity flows as the mental challenges arise

Your words both pain and warm me in the worst of my storms

Every stimulation you enthrall on me always appears as a surprise

Prick and strengthens me like a rose and a thorn


Love, I want us to come together when the world says no

Different worlds, I don’t care for the indifference that is told

I don’t need an act to put on a show

You have my heart, the tickets are already all sold.

Minority of Minorities

Being a minority, can create a feeling of hopelessness
When a situation arises, that your brother is beat down
You choose to grab a bat
Mood’s set to a ghost town

Violence with violence
Fire with fire
Take another mans life
Burns with selfish desire

For example
How will you come out a circle
That a woman is no longer seen on the side
To demand rights
But won’t let down her pride
Expecting order
Without a clear mind

That terror is not associated with faith
By abusing other religions
So they do not feel safe

If one black man do you wrong
Hurting his family
Does not make you strong

But hold on…

If one white man do you wrong
Hurting his family
Also does not make you strong

Unrecognizing the struggles of others
Immigrants who abuse the cover
Expect benefits and equal rights
Choose not to work, to do what should be right
Gives no opportunity to others who work hard
For that, stripped from their green card

So how do we unite for the rights?

Disregarding the minority within minority

Recognizing people struggle the same
From different race, gender
Lgbt, disability
And age

Major and minor keys both have a place
On the black and white keys of a piano’s showcase

Like music, peaceful or strong through the notes
Stand up for your rights through powerful quotes

White Influence

Entitlement seems to be an unused word

In a Caucasian man’s world

And what is even more absurd

Is that is not unheard

For them to kill nations of mockingbirds.


That doesn’t make every Caucasian wrong

They can be enlightened, belong

Below the egotistical clouds where they become strong

Among the colored people’s continuous song

March together with the oppressed to get along


Create unison within the people whose voice is being held

Culture appropriation

Admitting to discrimination

Are thoughts thats should not be expelled


Don’t let history repeat

Put your hand on your heartbeat


Feel compassion for the people with no seat

Reach out

Lift yourself up to

Together preach


Sisters and brothers, black, brown, yellow hands out

If white man’s grasp is tight

Loyalty to equality is devout.

The Mission

Loneliness for me does not appear from lack of people in my life

Or believing no man wants me to be their wife

It rumbles deeper in the pits of passion in my soul

Thirst for salvation

Hunger for redemption

The unapologetic reason for my being to be whole.

Clasping knowledge out of my reach

Gaining the remarkable power of speech

To get up, stand up for something bigger than me

A prisoner of mind, it is the pathway to be free

By devoting myself to find world peace

Married to the earth, the people, honoring the deceased.

Enlightenment in my Early 20’s – Health

The first topic I will start on will be health. Yes, health seems like a huge topic, and you can split it into Physical and Mental health. However, as someone who focused on mental health only throughout her teenage years and saw no improvement, mental health will be an overcast for all topics discussed but I will focus on physical health.

When you are living with parents, their main concern is you getting fed. Even if it is not specifically healthy. If you are going to ask for money, you know the one thing that they will fund is you’re not starving.

But when you start to become independent it becomes a costly thing. And also a huge sign of laziness. It is so much easier to get take out and cheaper to eat out at restaurants than to cook for yourself at home at times.

However, I realised how huge it is to maintain a good diet. To eat at minimum 3 meals a day with breakfast at the biggest. To consume a lot of water and to cut out certain foods in your diet. For me, I hardly eat dairy now which has cleared my skin and my occuring stomach problems. I also only eat brown bread, rice and pasta if available. Hardly any sugars and sodas. Meats are just chicken or fish. These little changes made a huge difference.

A website to refer to would be which mimics diets of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Cutting out all that nastiness of high rising obesity and diseases in modern day society.

You also have to be careful of chemicals put in restaurant foods and also genetically engineered foods or foods with pesticides. Also, with the amount of plastic being dumped a lot of our food has consumed the toxins within that too. I’ll be honest, it is hard to eat really healthy. But is is a CONSCIOUS decision and a time out you need to make to do your own research. Prepping meals is also a good way to not throw away food and if you have a busy schedule.

Another problem for us is also sitting. We sit mostly all the time: in our bed in the morning, in the car to wherever we have to go, in the seat in our classroom or office etc. Make time for exercise, try to walk everywhere, buy a bike. Get a gym membership and go once a day or find a nice running path. The hardest thing is motivation though right?

If you are fortunate enough to find an exercise buddy that is great. But you cannot always rely on that person being as motivated as you. We usually give up because the other person does. So it is all up to you to push yourself. What I find is that making a plan to write down how long you will spend on that machine or doing what exercise, how many reps, what exact exercises before you go to the gym give you a higher chance of being more productive. So give it a try along with the healthy diet and trust me your whole world will change. A habit takes 3 weeks to kick in so don’t give up and set yourself a month challenge.

Another thing is to join sport clubs, activities that also keep you up and going and invite socialization. We feel that it is too late to be really good at a sport but that is untrue. Yes, maybe at a professional level, but you can still excel to a point where you can either compete and build up your health. If it is a team sport it also helps with socialization if you struggle in that sector (linking to mental health).

Overall, a good diet and exercise has lifted so many of my depressive moods. There is a huge relationship between physical and mental and sometimes, you know, you just gotta get out there! That is why I highly recommend focusing on physical health as a step to improving your mental one.

Enlightenment in my Early 20’s – Intro

One thing I have been known for, if you have talked to me one to one, is advice. And if you follow me, you also probably recognized I have not been making youtube videos or blogging recently.

This is because I am 20, and I still do not know what the hell I want to do. And I have talked to my 30 year old friends, 40 year old, 50 year old and even grandparents who still say the same thing.

However, 20 is a special age. You are no longer a teenager and you are starting the journey to independence and adulthood. Figuring out how to achieve that is the ultimate goal, and something that might be ongoing for many years.

So, as a 20 year old, I have decided to write a few blog posts on my experiences on topics that I think every 20 year should start thinking about to start a journey of self exploration.