My name is Tiger Marina and I’m currently residing in Greenville, NC USA. I was living in Seoul, South Korea for 6 years.  I was brought up for most of my life in the urban jungle of SouthWest London, United Kingdom.

My dream and future goal is to learn about many cultures, languages and philosophies. I hope to become an international lawyer to defend human rights and environmental right globally.

I am a poet and activist. What I find important is finding my own path on how to channel myself to the world. Furthermore, I hope to inspire others to be on the same journey to find a purposeful meaning in this world, no matter your identity.

Feel free to get in contact with me and apart from my work, I enjoy connecting with anyone and helping our human race to progress through our challenging and indifferent world.

7 thoughts on “Intro

  1. Exciting blog and topic.racelessness. not graceless not reckless. It is all about self actualization isn’t it? And, the values you live by…


    1. Definitely, just want to write about issues that ive been through but make it open so other people can relate too. It all about breaking through society’s perception and judging yourself on your ow values 🙂


  2. Hi Marina, hope you’re having a lovely day. We want to know a bit more about you. Could you make a “about me” blog? Thank you xx


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